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Police Say Persons Caught Blocking Roads will be Procecuted

Police Say Persons Caught Blocking Roads will be Procecuted

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Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Jamaicans Blocking Roads: Jamaica Police High Command is warning citizens that blocking roads in a protest is illegal, and lawbreakers caught will feel the hand of the law.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, the High Command issued a warning that blocking of roads is illegal. This comes as a result of messages being circulated on social media, encouraging members of the public to participate in road blocks.

The Police High Command said anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted.

The High Command said while the public has a right to peaceful assembly this should not impede or inconvenience others. And that the constitutional right of freedom of assembly should not negatively impact public order or public safety, nor deny other citizens of their right to freedom of movement.

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