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Hanover Police Cornered Arm Robbers – 2 Guns Seized

Hanover Police Cornered Arm Robbers – 2 Guns Seized

Lucea, Hanover (McN) – The Lucea Police in Hanover on Thursday Morning apprehended three (3) armed robbers and seized two illegal firearms.

Reports are that about 8:00 am in Thursday the Lucea Police acting upon information received, intercepted a motor car in the township of Lucea, which was believed to have been involved in a robbery in Green Island, Hanover.

The Police staged a roadblock in the vicinity of the Lucea Police Post, and cornered the vehicle.

Three men armed with two handguns were held along with several stolen items.

Police say the men who are not from the parish will now have to face a series of identification parade.

Two (2) 9mm pistols loaded with several rounds were seized from the robbers.

News by Henry Buckner

Special Investigator for Mckoy’s News

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