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Vigilante Justice? What Caused St Ann Business Man to Be Executed

Vigilante Justice? What Caused St Ann Business Man to Be Executed

St. Ann, Jamaica  (Mckoy’s News)

The news of the execution style murder of  66-year-old farmer and businessman Alfred Whorms of Grants Mountain, St. Ann – Jamaica – has sent everyone into a world-wind. Mainly because of the dramatics surrounding the murder, the preparation and antics of the killer, and of course the surveillance video that captured the graphic killing.

Alfred Whorms – who was caught off guard as he went to help who he though was an early morning customer in his hardware store, was gunned down inside the store by a lone gunman, pretending to be a customer who had lost something inside the store. Mr. Whorms got up from reading his newspaper and was preparing to help the man, when the gunman dressed in construction hard hat, yellow and orange caution vest – as a disguise to not make Worms suspicious (because a construction worker would shop in a hardware store) before he blew shots into his head!

Was Alfred Whorms a Murder too? He Allegedly Shot and Killed a Man in 2011

Death Threats: According to reports reaching Mckoys News, Whorms who opened his hardware store in 2016, allegedly had received death threats for something after he [Whorms], shot and killed a man on his farm in 2011. He was assign Police surveillance, but this was removed as the threats stopped.

Alleged April 2011 Murder Incident 

Allegations are that 42-year-old Alton Thompson, alias ‘Dave’, a farmer of Essen Castle, St. Ann was killed, April 4, 2011, in an incident between him and Whorms that ended in Whorms shooting and killing the farmer.

It is alleged that on Monday, April 4, 2011, at about 11 a.m., there was a confrontation between Alfred Whorms, and Alton Thompson, which reportedly stemmed from allegation that Thompson entered Whorms farm without business or invitation.

Thompson was  allegedly shot and killed while on the farm. Whorms then went to the Alexandria Police to report the incident. He allegedly reported to the police that he had been attacked on his farm by Thompson, who he claimed had previously threatened him.

Community Riots: News of the killing caused community outrage as word spread throughout the communities, such as Grants Mountain, Essen Castle and Murray Mountain. This sparked large three (3) day protests, and clashes with the Police, with fire missiles thrown by demonstrators. Residents blocked roads, set a building belonging to Mr Whorms’ on fire, and damaged a car belonging to him. A police vehicle was also damaged in the war, which left four (4) police officers wounded. The communities demanded that Whorms be charged with the murder of Thomas.

On Friday, April 18, 2011 Whorms was charged with the murder of Thompson. He was later granted bail by the court for J$500,000.

Whorms  was on extended bail until January 28, 2017 at the time of his murder.

Court Case

Although Whorms was allegedly charged with the 2011 killing of 42-year-old Alton Thompson, alias ‘Dave,’ the case allegedly was dragging on, as there was no trial four (4) years after the shooting. And Whorms was getting on with his life, opening a new business and getting the privilege of Police protection.

Reports are that, allegedly the murder case was repeatedly adjourned by the court, and had reached the Circuit Court since 2015.  The case had reached its final sitting before presiding High Court Judge, Justice Lloyd Hibbert, and was ready for trial in 2015 – when the court announced that the case would be adjourned until further notice because there were many other cases ahead sitting in the Circuit Court awaiting a date for trial.

Watch Alfred Whorms Murder Here

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