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Dillon Danis: Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather ‘before the fifth’ round

Dillon Danis: Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather ‘before the fifth’ round

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The conventional line of thinking on the much-discussed potential megafight between undefeated boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr., and the only competitor ever to simultaneously hold two UFC weight class titles, Conor McGregor, is that Mayweather should score an easy victory over McGregor.

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This, of course, is because the proposed matchup would be held under boxing rules, where Mayweather has reigned supreme. If the fight was contested under MMA rules, McGregor would become just as obvious a favorite.

But at least one person of note isn’t buying into the hype. Jiu-jitsu star and recent Bellator MMA signee Dillon Danis believes McGregor would knock Mayweather out in a boxing ring.

“I just want to say, everyone is running [McGregor] down, but I think that he knocks [Mayweather] out,” Danis said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

 Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather
Conor McGregor Firing a Kick

Pinned down for a specific prediction on when the knockout occurs, Danis believes it happens in the first half of the fight.

“That’s a hard one, I’ll say before the fifth,” Danis said. “I think before the fifth. I think he knocks him out.”

Of course, this prediction needs to come with a big disclaimer: Danis is far from an unbiased party. He is McGregor’s close friend and training partner and played a pivotal role in helping McGregor train for his UFC 202 rematch victory over Nate Diaz.

Given Danis’ propensity, like McGregor, to confidently call people out and call things like he sees it, many in the jiu-jitsu community have compared the two, intimating that Danis is stealing from McGregor’s playbook.

Danis sees both sides of it.

“I like Conor. I think he’s the man. So I don’t think that’s a bad comparison,” Danis said.

But the 23-year old New York resident believes it’s not that simple, since he was unafraid to air his opinions long before McGregor came into his life.

“I’m on my own path and I do it my own way,” Danis said. “At the end of the day, people are just looking to hate on me for anything, so that’s just how it is. Everybody kind of wants to put me down. They’re trying to find something to use against me. … I don’t really give a s**t about who’s hating on me, or Conor this, Conor that. At the end of the day they just hate me and Conor.”

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