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Dear McKoy- My Daughter Took My Man

Dear McKoy- My Daughter Took My Man

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

Question: Dear McKoy,

                                   I have been having issues with my 17-year-old daughter and every time I try to talk to her my boyfriend tells me I am being too harsh even though it is quite clear she lacks manners and discipline. Now everytime my daughter and I have a disagreement or my boyfriend and I have problems they run to each other’s rescue. The other day I was at work and I didn’t feel well so I left early. Upon arrival at home, I noticed my boy friend’s work bag was in the bedroom when he was supposed to be at work and he was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere until I came upon my daughter’s bedroom where loud music was blasting through the walls. I knocked on the door and entered. I was shocked out my pants, where he was on top of my daughter. I was so mad I kicked him out the house and called her father to come get her. She believes they are in love.The biggest issue of all now is that I am pregnant and so is she. My baby is going to be her brother and stepson. How does one not go crazy in such a situation? How will I explain this to my baby when he gets older? Why has God allowed this to happen to me? Do you think I should work on making things right with my daughter? How about my ex? How could he sleep with a girl he has helped to raise? I am just confused. I need deliverance! – C.A
Response: Dear C.A,
                                   In my opinion there must have been clear signs something was going on between your daughter and your boyfriend that you were just not willing to acknowledge. Unfortunately for you sometimes one of the results of harsh parenting is your daughter running to the arms of a man who will give her that attention and ” love” and understanding  she seeks and needs from you  There are slot of predatory men such as your boyfriend just waiting to confront little hurt girls with mommy or daddy issues As for the babies get over it you are an adult ,they are coming and they are the victims of all this carelessness not you. They will have to live with the messy choices you adults made. So  prepare to be the best mom and grandmother to both of those kids because you have a lot of damage that can never be repaired and they are going to need a lot of support and love to get through all the finger pointing and laughing and teasing . – McKoy
Question: Dear McKoy,
                                  I have recently moved in with my girlfriend and although our sex life is great I want to leave her to be with her sister who will do anything I ask her. My girlfriend takes good care of me and all but she is not willing to do anything I ask her to. She is too old fashioned but her sister is wild. How do I end it without being a bad guy? Do you think She will understand? Do you think I am being selfish and unfair? What would you do?-J.E
Response: Dear J.E, 
                                Well you are a jerk obviously. So just go ahead and break up with her upfront and deal with the sister upfront and any consequences that come with that. Alternatively  can see if she is into doing threesomes with her sister that way you can have the best of it worlds.  But I wouldn’t advise you ask. – McKoy
Question: Dear McKoy,
                                  I recently went to see an obeah man to make sure that my neighbor starting minding her own business. My neighbor is super nosey so I had him do something to make her stop. Recently she had a stroke and has lost the ability to talk clearly. Everybody in the community is saying they know that I did it.Do you think I should feel bad about my nosey neighbor? Would it be a bad thing if I taught the others a lesson? Do you think I should leave them to time or should I go back to the obeah man to get them to stop? -S.T
Response:Dear S.T,
                                 So are you going to obeah me too if I tell you my opinion? It seems people are not allowed to have opinions that differ from yours and I don’t feel like paying no obeah man to undo your obeah man so please take your question to a pastor or someone who can box dung duppy and them things there. Stop going to obeah men there is always a price to be paid when you mess with the spiritual world, it will turn on you too in time.- McKoy
Question: Dear McKoy,
                                  My boyfriend’s best friend girlfriend found my panty at their house and called me asking to help her find the woman he is cheating with and give her a beating. Problem is I said yes. How do I find someone to blame it on? It is not a simple task. What do I do? Or do I come clean to her and take the beating? Do I try to convince her it might be her own underwear? Do I make her boyfriend aware she found it? Or do I tell her that she should leave the girl to time? I need answers now!!- C. T
Response: Dear C.T,
                                  OK,  don’t blame it on an innocent person and get them hurt or discredited. I’m certain it’s difficult to tell your friend you slept with her man and you pretty cheesy to do that   I mean with the amount of men out there seriously you hit your girls man? Are you jealous of her deep down or something? You need to look deep into yourself on that one.  So  either confess or let her nag it out of him one day at a time until he finally tells her.  She is going to keep him and beat your ass like there is no tomorrow. If she is the easy going type you can try telling her the leave it to time thing.- McKoy
Question: Dear McKoy,
                                  I am a  28 years old woman. I have graduated university with first class honors and a degree in Business. My problem is that I don’t understand the first thing I am doing. The truth is, I paid my way through university because I come from a wealthy family. I never really sat any exams in university I paid persons to sit them and give me good grades and I never went to a lot of classes. Now my job is on the line. What do I do? Do you think I should quit my job and really hit the books? Or should I report myself to the relevant authorities and get the discipline I deserve? Should I fake a mental disease to avoid harsh consequences? I am desperate. – L.G
Response: Dear L.G,
                                  Well I would start hitting up some YouTube tutorials and taking night classes asap.  I shudder to think there might be Dr who just like you come from rich backgrounds and paid their way through med school.  Faking a mental illness after you faked an honours Business Degree?? Don’t you learn at all? You can’t fake your way through life one day the mask will fall off and you will loose everything you have.  Just get it together start taking some classes. -McKoy


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